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When doing our research to determine which cases would be best suited to protect our guitars, the end analysis was quite simply a ‘no brainer’. Hiscox is quite simply the best product on the market at the price points we needed them to be at. Hiscox Cases are only too aware that in this fast moving, hectic world, it is so easy to damage precious musical instruments. That's why their range of cases have been designed to give instruments the finest protection possible. Established in 1985, Hiscox Cases Ltd. is the brainchild of Brynn Hiscox, a professional guitar maker. Being acutely aware of the lack of quality cases on the market, he used his engineering background to design a case that stood up to his exacting requirements. Brynn's customers demanded cases that had higher protection but with LESS WEIGHT. For us, some of the main highlights of the Hiscox product range are:

  1. The products are always manufactured with the primary objective of instrument protection and on average carry a crush resistance rate greater than 500kg.

  2. The outer shell material is chosen not only for its high impact resistance, but critically for the ability to chemically bond to the inner moulding during the manufacturing process creating an extremely strong yet light weight COMPOSITE structure.

  3. The inner moulding of the case is manufactured from a blend of polyurethane insulating foam which has been developed and is UNIQUE to Hiscox cases. It is a closed cell semi-rigid low weight design which gives qualities such as, high level of shock protection; excellent structural rigidity and a high level of thermal insulation protecting against rapid temperature changes.

  4. An aluminium valance unique to Hiscox design, which does not guaranteed 100% waterproof but helps to stop water ingress.

  5. All fixings including the catches and handles are fully tested. It is believed that their security is second to none.

  6. Hiscox cases are wholly manufactured in the U.K. and carry a full three-year warranty.

So you can be rest assured that when you buy a Fibonacci Guitar, it will be well protected snuggled up in its Hiscox case.

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