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GRASSROOTS JAZZ RAFFLE If you are a guitar player and/or a music lover, raffles don't come much better than this. And it is for a very worthy cause. By supporting this raffle you will be helping UK grassroots jazz venues that missed out on funding in the post Covid arts recovery initiative. Without dedicated premises, official company status and no justification for £50,000 minimum grants these venues received nothing whilst larger venues and organisations did pretty well. Some 97% of UK jazz clubs did not qualify for help. As a result we are already seeing closures. We cannot let this happen. Not on our watch. 100% of profits will go direct to the clubs. Further reading: In February of 2022 Nigel Price sent a letter, endorsed by 68 other Parliamentary Jazz Award recipients to the culture secretary, pleading for this situation to be addressed. It more or less fell on deaf ears which has essentially led Nigel to taking this action. You can read the full transcript of that exchange here: WIN A FIBONACCI FIBONACCI It is a long story why we named the Fibonacci Fibonacci, the Fibonacci Fibonacci. Perhaps it is just because it is such a wonderful guitar, one feels the urge to say its name twice. Or perhaps it is part of a cunning marketing plan that encourages the reader to stop and think... ‘ah ha, they made a typo error’. But whatever the reason, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to own the very first Fibonacci Fibonacci ever produced for the price of a raffle ticket. This stunning guitar is being kindly donated to the raffle by our very good friend, Tony Fucile who is a keen collector of Fibonacci guitars. It was a tough choice for Tony to part with this particular guitar, but being such a worthy cause, he was keen to do his bit to help Nigel Price keep grass roots Jazz alive. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the Fibonacci Fibonacci, has an obvious influence in aesthetic design from a very well known guitar builder (answers on a postcard!). But when you pick it up and play it, and you will realise immediately, that this is a very different guitar altogether. It feels light but well built, with all the hallmarks to let you know you are hold a high quality instrument. The Fibonacci Fibonacci is a completely hollow, double cut-away archtop, with 16” lower bout, 56mm deep body, produced from a hand carved AAA spruce top, with hand carved mahogany back and sides, and neck, 22 Jescar EVO Gold frets, 17th fret neck joint. It is complimented with solid maple binding, ebony fingerboard and floating pickguard. We have opted to fit the Fibonacci Fibonacci with a floating trapeze type tailpiece. The Fibonacci Fibonacci comes with a single floating ‘Micro Stealth’ Krivo pickup, which packs plenty of punch, while sounding well balanced and articulate. OTHER GREAT RAFFLE PRIZES Three Ronnie Scott’s memberships, a classic Fender amplifier and tickets to Scarborough Jazz Festival (September 23 - 25). Also, each entrant receives a free album download. A padded 3” premium cowhide Fibonacci strap. Enter the raffle here: Good Luck!

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