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Located in London, one of the World’s most vibrant international hubs for music, FIBONACCI® GUITARS is situated adjacent to our independent recording studio. This studio is critically important in the development of new FIBONACCI® products as it ensures that new designs are exposed to a wide variety of players, and are tested in a ‘real’ and demanding environment for refinement, before going into production. In fact, it is the case that there are numerous recent album releases with recordings of FIBONACCI® prototype guitars ‘sprinkled’ all over them as part of this ongoing research and development process.

All the manufacturing, nitrocellulose lacquering, oiling, hand finishing, and final assembly of a FIBONACCI® GUITAR takes place in the United Kingdom. All of the materials specified to produce a FIBONACCI® GUITAR, are hand picked from various local UK and European suppliers. All of the hardware products specified for use on a FIBONACCI® GUITAR are guaranteed to be genuine branded parts, produced only by authorised manufacturers. 
With the greatest of respect accorded to the mathematical genius of LEONARDO FIBONACCI®, the evolution of the ‘GOLDEN RATIO’ and all things ‘PHI’, other than musical scales, we do not play any ‘numbers’ game. The emphasis at FIBONACCI® GUITARS is on quality, not quantity as we are in the privileged position of being under no pressure to compromise on any quality dictated by CEO's, or shareholders in a far off distant land. We keep production levels low and manageable, thus ensuring quality is paramount. Our approach gives us complete control over every aspect of production, and quality of our guitars. We have the utmost confidence that what we are creating is something very special.

Our reputation means everything to us and our goal here is for you to enjoy the whole FIBONACCI® GUITAR experience, from the quality, performance and exclusiveness of the instrument you are buying, to the excellence of the customer service you will receive from our independent Dealer network authorised to sell our products.

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