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‘The Joya is finally home! And it was worth the wait. WOW! Just played for an hour and it makes me want to replay every song I ever played. Thanks for putting up with my impatience - best to you and your team’ 

Martin Taylor Joya – Barry, USA

‘My Joya has been safely delivered and, indeed, is a joy! Thank you guys’ 
Martin Taylor Joya – Tony, USA

‘Joya arrived safely to Tokyo! She sounds so wonderful !!! I’m so happy to have this really beautiful guitar! So many thanks !!!!!!!’   

Martin Taylor Joya – Tomokazu, Japan

‘Guitar has arrived safely. Just played it now...oh my. its mellower than the Peerless, is better at handling dynamic change changes sparkling harmonics and zero intonation problems especially on the D and G strings – wow just superb  -definitely worth the wait'. 
Martin Taylor Joya – Vivien, USA

‘Just a short email to let you know that the guitar arrived safely today.  It was certainly worth the wait…it is absolutely stunning.  Hopefully, my guitar playing will be worthy of it!’  
Martin Taylor Joya - Andrew, USA

‘I received the guitar when I arrived at my new location.  It is very beautiful and sounds as good as it looks.  It is a work of art.  I will enjoy playing it for years to come.  Thank you so much’
Martin Taylor Joya – Tom, USA

‘The guitar arrived, and everything seems to be in order.   It is a beautiful instrument.  Thank you for your excellent work’  Martin Taylor Joya – Jim, USA

‘I wanted to say a huge thanks for all the creativity, design, planning, blood sweat and tears that obviously went into the magic guitar I recently received. My response has taken this long mainly because I wanted to play it in and become fully acquainted with my new friend. It has truly been a joy’ 
Martin Taylor Joya -  Dean, Canada

‘I have received the guitar and all is in good order.  I’ve been playing it for a solid two hours, hesitantly at first, not sure. But now I’m in rapture. It’s gorgeous having adjusted my Henrikson (amp) so that the bass is turned right up and it’s not so bright. The action is phenomenal and it handles chords beautifully without distortion or effort.  So quite pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ 
Martin Taylor Joya – Gavrielle, UK

‘I just received my Joya, she is beautiful. I'm really happy to get it. The guitar sounds great. Thank you so much for your work, the Joya is amazing. Congratulations to the whole team’ Martin Taylor Joya – Elijah, France

‘Joya arrived safe and sound and just gorgeous, thank you so much’
Martin Taylor Joya – Andrew, USA

‘Received today and left in in the case for 5 hrs to get use to its new environment. It looks very good, sounds great, and is very comfortable to hold and play. UPS did a great job getting here. Customs held for a day. Your team did a very nice job in making the instrument’  Martin Taylor Joya – Dave, USA

‘The Martin Taylor Joya is the most beautiful guitar I have ever owned’ 
Martin Taylor Joya – Dan, USA

‘Dream gear to beg, borrow and steal for – The Martin Taylor Joya by Fibonacci is a real stunner’  David Mead – Guitarist Magazine <

‘Please pass on my regards to Martin and the crew at Fibonacci, the Joya arrived safely this morning and I was blown away by the work of art I now have in my possession. It looks stunning and sounds and feels fabulous. Everything I need to try to inspire to the next level’ Martin Taylor Joya – Michael, USA

‘I’ve just received my Joya. I can’t stop looking at it! The sound is beautiful and it sounds great. I trusted you and I’m not disappointed’ 
Martin Taylor Joya – Eric, USA

‘Thank you very much, Joya 003 arrived in Germany and I am very happy with the guitar’ Martin Taylor Joya – Uwe, Germany

'This is just to let you know that my JOYA was safely delivered to me last Friday at last. Though I played it just for a few hours, it seems that I am getting to fall in love with the gorgeous looking and the great sound of my JOYA'. 
Martin Taylor Joya – Osamu, Japan

'I love my new guitar! The look, the feel and especially the sound are fantastic. What you do at Fibonacci is amazing'.  Martin Taylor Joya – Miles, USA

‘I’ve been playing this guitar over the weekend, and I love it. You’ve managed to avoid the plinky-plonk sound of smaller bodied guitars. It has a nice warm sound acoustically. The neck disappears when playing. It is an embraceable instrument. The pickup is complementary to all the guitars qualities. It’s a guitar I want within reach. It’s fun and rewarding. I am very grateful to you, and Mr. Taylor for your work, talent and success’. Martin Taylor Joya – Christopher, USA

‘My search for peace of mind is over. Fate brought the creator of Fibonacci Guitars (Graham), and myself together. Since that point, my guitar woes ceased. The Joya I have, is the Bentley of guitar craftsmanship, absolutely flawless, and my personal modifications were catered for and understood. Nothing was too much for the team (and what a team). I play solo guitar which cuts across a number of styles and discipline’s. This guitar handles them all and leaves you tingling with excitement at what you've just recorded and wondering, is that really me sounding like that? I could write a million words but it would still not do justice to how much this instrument has given me inspiration and joy. Fibonacci Guitars and Martin Taylor....thank you!’  Martin Taylor Joya – Tony, UK

''Just to let you know the guitar has arrived safely. Its only been with me for an hour, but already I can’t put it down. It’s absolutely brilliant. I’m sure it will give me years of pleasure. Many thanks for everything. Regards ' 
Martin Taylor Joya – Dave, UK 

'My Joya arrived a few minutes ago and is stunning!  Looking forward to many years with her!  Thanks!!'  Martin Taylor Joya – Ray, USA

"Received my Joya yesterday. Looks great. Sounds great"
Martin Taylor Joya - Dave, USA

We tested it just half an hour and it´s great."
Martin Taylor Joya - Uwe, Germany

"It is here!!! The guitar is beautiful, fantastic craftsmanship and it sounds great.
I know quality craftsmanship when I see it. I will enjoy this mater piece for a very long time.  Martin Taylor Joya - George, USA

'Just a note to let you know that I just received the guitar. It's beautiful! Looking forward to many hours of "Joya".' Martin Taylor Joya - Paul,  USA

'My Joya guitar has arrived at last and is undamaged. It’s beautiful, reeks of quality and sounds amazing. Compliments to Martin for designing and producing the instrument, and thanks to you and all the team for your help and co-ordination.'
Martin Taylor Joya - William, Germany

'The Joya arrived today, sound and safe. What a beautiful guitar, and what a delightful sound - I have road tested it for a couple of hours today. To borrow a phrase: A thing of beauty is a Joya forever😍 Kudos to you guys at Fibonacci Guitars and to Martin Taylor. Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New corona free Year' Martin Taylor Joya - Finn, Denmark

'The Joya just arrived and it is a beauty! We will really become best friends quite soon. Merry Christmas!'  Martin Taylor Joya – Hans, Sweden

‘My Joya has been delivered. As far as I can see and hear, it is perfect! Thank you very much for your attention and please transmit my thanks to all the crew in Worcester Park. Specially to Andrew and Arthur.’ 
Martin Taylor Joya – Carlos, USA

‘The guitar arrived yesterday afternoon and it is perfect.  It is beautiful, sounds lovely and plays like a dream.  It is by far the finest guitar I have ever touched.  I remember Martin Taylor mentioned in one of the promotional videos that he wished he had had this guitar when he started.  I am actually glad it is not, because I can now appreciate how really special it is. 
Thanks so much, Another satisfied customer,’

Martin Taylor Joya – Tim, USA

"Just wanted to let you know the guitar arrived on Friday.It’s in good shape,a beautiful instrument! Thanks again"

Martin Taylor Joya - Dennis USA

"I did receive my Joya today and I’ve been playing it for several hours now. It’s quite a stunning and beautiful instrument and the craftsmanship of the guitar is exquisite.  I was a little worried about the setup on the guitar, but the setup is perfect for me and my fretting hand justs floats over the fretboard. I appreciated the updates and the emails.  The craftsmen working on the instrument all deserve a special Thank You for building such a beautiful instrument."

Martin Taylor Joya - Bill USA

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