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A few shots here of another Chiquita being prepared for a client in Germany. Since our archtops are hand carved, each one is slightly different. So the finger-rest / pickup support and bridges need to be custom profiled to fit perfectly. Here are some pics of Arthur profiling the finger rest/ pickup support which needs to be big enough to encase the electrics and provide enough support for the most heavy of handed players. Once profiled to the hand carved arched top of the guitar, the finger-rest/ pickup support is then routed to allow for the wiring of the pickup to be encased securely underneath. The perfectly profiled support contoured to the hand carved soundboard has passed the Rizla test with flying colours! The soldered pickup connection is now tidily and securely encased within the support, leaving only one shielded braided cable disappearing into the F Hole. We can absolutely guarantee no 'floppy' finger-rests on a Fibonacci guitar!

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