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An archtop at your fingertips

Fibonacci Guitars develops a line of top-end archtop guitars, assembled and hand-finished in the UK.This Chiquita 13 "(450mm x 76mm) model will satisfy the expectations of the most demanding jazz guitarists. Sculpted by hand from noble essences (American AAA spruce solid for the table, massive flamed maple for the body and the handle, solid indian ebony for the key, the easel, the tailpiece and the pickguard), equipped with a Kent Armstrong '' Smooth Sam '' floating microphone, equipped with beautiful mechanicals (Gotoh SGS510Z), the Chiquita stands out for its comfort, versatility, wide dynamic palette and warm and incisive sound. In spite of its 13 inches, thanks to the vault of its table and its domed back (which extends to the cutaway), the Chiquita could make more than one of its "big sisters" turn pale in the matter of Sound volume and acoustic projection. Let's add that side look, the beautiful has class and elegance, with just what it takes modernity in style to make the difference. Sold 3500 pounds (about 4500 euros), with Hiscox case.

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