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More from Martin Taylor here on the new Lola...

"One of the top questions guitarists ask me is...

"if you could only take one guitar on the road for both solo shows and playing with a band which one would it be".

Well part of my secret is having a guitar that I love to play AND is also very versatile.

We all know that having a high-quality guitar will not make you a better player. That takes practice.

However owning a beautiful guitar, one that gives you joy when you pick it up, will make you practice and play more.

In this final video I answer your frequently asked questions about the new Martin Taylor 'Lola' guitar. You can watch that video by clicking here. Hope you enjoy it."


p.s. "On this page you'll also find a downloadable audio track you can hear of me playing the Lola. My little gift to you!" p.p.s. "We've already had nearly 10,000 guitarists that have watched the previous two videos in this series. Make sure you check them all out before they go away."

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