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NEW WORKSHOP Since all of our guitars are genuinely hand made, with peripheral parts hand profiled to fit each individual guitar perfectly, we do not undertake large volume production runs. We keep a limited quantity of standard guitars in stock at various stages of completion, which gives us the flexibility to offer custom finishing and hardware options to our customers should someone desire something different. When the Covid pandemic took a grip on most of the world in March 2020, we decided to utilise the ‘lockdown’ to build a new workshop to help accommodate the increasing demand for custom builds. 18 months later, with the new workshop now up and running, we are pleased to share some pictures with you. CUSTOM BUILDS Currently, our product range consists of a variety of lower bout sizes at various body depths. But our emphasis is on producing a smaller archtop, some of which have a distinct contemporary vibe. These compact designs are aimed at the aspiring player who may be more familiar with playing a smaller, solid bodied guitar, but now find themself venturing into the world of jazz archtops. Alternatively, it offers an option for the traditional jazz player who may find handling a larger archtop a cumbersome task.

DEMO ROOM We are very fortunate to have some great people involved at Fibonacci. We are here to create elegant, quality instruments at a reasonable price, and are thoroughly enjoying the experience along the way. Either way, contemporary or traditional styling, standard or custom finishing, being a small, boutique guitar company, producing relatively limited quantities of archtops of distinctive quality in a year, it is critically important for us to ensure that our products are, without exception, of the highest standard. But don’t take our word for it, get in touch to make an appointment to come along to see the workshop, and to indulge for a bit in our demo room. MORE INFORMATION You can find more information on custom models here: If there is something that catches your eye, just let us know and we will check if it is still available. Or give us your ideas and we will do a 1:1 set of full scale drawings.

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Gerard Derlet
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