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A message from Nigel Price:

"I’ve decided to make the series ‘Grass Roots Touring Advice’ free. At least for the time being. It feels like the right thing to do as I wouldn’t want to exclude anyone by putting it behind a paywall.

It’s been great making these films and they’ve turned out better (and funnier) than I expected!

Donations will be gratefully accepted and if that goes well then it will remain free. Maybe you should take advantage of this before I change my mind!

The first three sessions are viewable here:

1. Getting the gig

2. Logistics, advertising and social media

3. Arts Council funding

If you’d like to actually join the next meeting (August 31st) then follow the instructions on the Jazz Fix website.

I hope it’s helpful.

Oh yeah, if you’d like me to add you to the Grass Roots Touring Advice Facebook page (invitation only to avoid the freaks…) then let me know in the comments below. Or pm me.

Thanks x"

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