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Well where did the year go! Seems it was only recently that we were saying goodbye to 2021. While looking forward to a new year, gives us a moment to reflect on the one we are saying goodbye to. Amongst all the political chaos around the World at the moment, we further established our UK manufacturing base because building high quality archtop guitars is a thoroughly inspiring thing to do. Working with great customers, and Artists who have become friends along the way is always a joy. A labor of love goes into producing one of our guitars so what makes Fibonacci Guitars really special is the great team who make it what it is today. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to the team...

Arthur, Andrew, Neil, who always do a stellar job, John, Chris, and Rees at Bow Finishing for giving us some of the finest sunbursts and nitro finishing around, Jon Dickinson for making us great pickups, as does Mark Stow at OX4, Stephen for his stellar CNC skills, producer Sean Genockey for his exceptional studio ability, and for his guidance over the years, Les Davidson for bringing a wealth of guitar knowledge to the table, Martin Taylor MBE and Nigel Price for helping to keep the ‘bar’ at a very high standard, Ciyo Brown for his constant support of the brand, Giorgio Serci, Gareth Fowler, Alban Claret, Alessio Mencini and Andrea Rinciari for helping to inspire new projects, Peter and Gail at Northern Guitars who always put on a great show, and last but not least, Derek at Guitar Village in Farnham, Mak at Mak’s Guitars in central London, Agents John VanWagoner in the USA, Dusty in the UK, Frank in Germany, David in France, Frank in Austria. Looking forward to 2023 with great enthusiasm. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2023!

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