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NIGEL PRICE ORGAN TRIO NEW ALBUM – WES REIMAGINED RELEASE 4th JUNE 2021 To purchase the album in CD format or download here: Wes Montgomery guitar fans need look no further than the UK’s Nigel Price on Wes Reimagined (Ubuntu) – respectful in catching Montgomery’s warmth, but also the work of a thoroughly contemporary enthusiast. John Fordham - The Guardian ‘As good as anything you’ll hear from the golden late-1950s and 1960s era of organ trios, but bolstered by the frontline pizzazz of double saxes and more. Enrich your library with the full, retro-styled CD package – rather than the superficial gratification of streaming or downloading (then mislaying) a random track – as this album might well be your summer-long vibe!’ Adrian Pallant - AP Reviews ‘Compelling and creative, this is a tasty tribute to a trailblazer.’ The Times\ ‘For me, this is how jazz should be; communicative and inclusive. Jazz performed this way feels like a gift, a ‘here, this is for you’ scenario.’ Denny Ilett - London Jazz News

With a career spanning more than 25 years, the award- winning leading UK guitarist Nigel Price, returns with a new album, WES REIMAGINED, on 4th June via Ubuntu Music, with the renowned guitarist saluting the West Coast sound of guitar icon Wes Montgomery. WES REIMAGINED is a collection of Wes Montgomery’s timeless tunes, respectfully reinterpreted.

The album features the stellar line up of (long-time collaborator) Ross Stanley (Hammond organ) and Joel Barford (drums)with special guest performances from Vasilis Xenopoulos(sax), Tony Kofi(sax), Snowboy (percussion) and the Phonographic Effect Strings,conducted by Callum Au.

CARIBA video here:

WES REIMAGINED is released on 4th JUNE 2021 and will be available on download, CD and deluxe double vinyl format. You can purchase the album in CD format or download here:

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