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Two showings, 5:30pm and 8:00pm on 12th December 2023 at the Piano Bar, Soho London


With a talent well beyond his years, 29 year old Italian born Andrea Rinciari is a Jazz guitarist, fast becoming an established name on the London and Paris circuits.

Andrea’s playing is based around the influences of Straight Ahead Jazz and Bebop with some of his biggest influences being Bud Powell, Charlie Parker, Elmo Hope, Thelonious Monk, Barry Harris, Sonny Stitt, Freddie Redd, Hank Mobley, Sonny Rollins, Hank Jones and many more. Andrea’s playing is prolific, as is reflected on his recent album releases....

2021 - ‘To Bud’ This is Andrea’s debut album which is a tribute to the music of the genius pianist, Bud Powell. Bud is the main inspiration for Andrea Rinciari’s playing. This album contains some of Andrea’s favourite compositions by Bud Powell, including one of the most classical compositions that Bud ever wrote, called “Sure Thing”. This album also features the great Adam Merrell on the drums and the great Lorenzo Morabito on bass.

2022 - ‘The Takeover’ This album is a project that was born across two countries, UK and France, and took finally shape in London during the summer of 2022.

The album features some compositions by Freddie Redd, Bud Powell, Barry Harris and also on original composition by Andrea Rinciari and one by Martin Cazals.

The album features Thomas Gomez on alto saxophone, Lorenzo Morabito on bass and Martin Cazals on the drums.


“Rinciari is able to reflect the gentleness and beloved bounce of Bud Powell’s piano playing beautifully in each of these standards. His solos are thoughtful and creative and capture elements of Powell’s genius.” – London Jazz News

“A short, sharp glimpse into a happier world in which jazz guitar rules!” – Nigel Price

Purchase tickets for the 12th December 2023 Piano Bar, Soho London shows here:

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