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Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000149 EndHTML:0000003093 StartFragment:0000000199 EndFragment:0000003059 StartSelection:0000000199 EndSelection:0000003059 Being a small but notable guitar company, producing relatively limited quantities of archtops of distinctive quality in a year, it is critically important for us to ensure that our products are of the highest standard. This includes our nitrocellulose finishing which takes great skill and patience to apply. We are therefore very pleased to be working with brothers, Chris & John Bowling of Bow Finishing, who have over 30 years experience in the business. Only 30 minute drive away from our premises in SW London, Bow Finishing is located in Godstone, Surrey. It could be a million miles away from everywhere, in such a typically quintessential snapshot of the British countryside, the tranquil setting of Flower Farm. The farm is surrounded by soft rolling green pastures, grazing sheep, the sound of a distant tractor, grunting pigs, and possess a bloody great German Shepherd that can easily be bribed with a dog biscuit and a good belly scratch. It is always a pleasure to visit Bow finishing, to revel in the atmosphere and enjoy a ‘bit of banter’ with the Bowling Brothers - food for the soul. A little bit of 1986, Chris who had studied Modern Fretted Instrument making at the London College of Furniture, and John, who studied Graphic Design at St. Martins and Bath Academy of Art, had the opportunity to work together at Blossom Reproductions in Wandsworth, London. Here they learned their trade, finishing guitars and wood car interiors under the stewardship of owner Clive Cherry and sprayer, the late Mick Dearing. The time spent at Blossom Reproductions allowed them the opportunity to meet many characters in the MI industry, including Bernie Goodfellow 'GB Guitars', Ian Waller 'Electric Wood', Robert Jankel, 'Robert Jankle Design', Rob Green, 'Status Basses', Dave Bourne, 'Martin Guitars, and Barry Gibson, 'Burns Guitars'. Blossom prepared the brothers for the diverse nature of the finishing business, and more importantly the standard and quality of finish required and expected. As their understanding of the business increased, they soon realised that combining their different backgrounds and talents, and starting their own company together was a possibility. Bow Finishing was born as a partnership back in 1989. Twenty seven years on from the birth of Bow, the brothers still enjoy the work they do and have retained a very loyal customer base over the years Fibonacci guitars come in variety of standard colours all with nitrocellulose lacquer finishing. However, working with Bow and applying their knowledge, experience and skills, allows us to offer our customers a variety of custom colour finishes as an option. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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