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Great to work with Ciyo Brown on this project. We modified a standard Chiquita to Ciyo spec’s by adding a Kent Armstrong 'Smooth Sam' to the bridge position with switching via push/pull Bourne pots. The result is a lovely and very versatile signature guitar named by Ciyo as the Chiquita CB-10. It was a blast to see him perform with it at the Ritzy in Brixton at the weekend. Nothing like a packed, hot and sweaty venue to put a guitar through its paces and Ciyo’s Chiquita CB-10 signature came through with flying colours!

Here is a little snippet of Ciyo testing out the CB-10 as he explains in his own words...

'Well I am just checking out the action on my first ever signature series guitar at the Yamaha London Music Store shortly after a string change and set-up by Steve Drennan

This is my likkle 'Chiquita' CB-10 model which contains distinguishing features such as two floating humbucker pickups made by Kent Armstrong and the pickup switching system controlled by both volume and tone knobs. This gives me a choice of three tones which cover the pretty vast range of musical styles that I am involved in.

I had Steve put some Chrome D'Addario 12-gauge flat wound strings on it with a minor tweak in the action and wow...astonishing sound and feel! I am so happy as well as hugely impressed with this most exquisite work of art by Fibonacci Guitars. A big shout goes out to Company Director Graham Esson for offering me such a fantastic endorsement and for assisting me with some of my own personal ideas for the modifications that were eventually carried out'.

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