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Boutique archtop guitar brand Fibonacci Guitars launches A new boutique guitar brand called Fibonacci Guitars has launched in London.

Fibonacci Guitars has evolved as a result of a difference in direction taken between Peerless Guitars in Korea, and its marketing and product development team based in the UK.

The team behind Fibonacci has been instrumental in collaborating with various, artists, designers and luthiers in developing, and delivering to market, many of the recent releases previously manufactured, under license, by Peerless. Notably, releases such as the Martin Taylor Maestro & Virtuoso Signatures, the Retromatic ‘P’ & ‘B’ series, and most recently, the Jezebel and Retromatic 131 range. These artist and designer collaborations continue at Fibonacci with all of the brand’s designs now independently manufactured and branded under Fibonacci Guitars, or under the artist's own signature. Located in London, Fibonacci Guitars has recently constructed a new workshop facility adjacent to the brand’s recording, which was being used to develop guitar products. The firm says the studio is critically important in the development of new products and ensures that the new designs are exposed to a wide variety of players, and are tested in a ‘real’ and demanding environment for refinement, before going into production. “In fact, it is the case that there are numerous recent album releases with recordings of Fibonacci prototype guitars ‘sprinkled’ all over them as part of this ongoing research and development process,” said Fibonacci.

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