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It isn't always immediately obvious how much effort goes into producing one of our guitars but once you take a closer look, the attention to detail speaks for itself. ALL of our guitars are hand made and all peripheral parts are custom profiled to fit each guitar perfectly. Here is just one we couldn't find wooden covers for floating pickups to buy off the shelf anywhere. So we decided to make them ourselves which turned out to be a real team effort and a bit of an example of how global our industry is.

Here we have our Canadian Maple floating pickup covers, hand made by John VanWagoner in the USA, being hand profiled by top Fibonacci Luthier, Arthur Auburt in the UK, hot iron branded and custom stained to match the guitar body by Graham Esson in the UK using German pigment, and finally lacquered using polyurethane imported from the USA!

A lot of work just to create some floating pickup covers but we hope you would agree that the end result is outstanding!

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