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We are thrilled to let you know about the new Martin Taylor JOYA archtop guitar. This guitar, available from November 2017, took two years to develop.

The inside the directive from Martin, was for us to create a stylish archtop guitar that could provide all the characteristics demanded from it by a world class guitar player. As such, the Martin Taylor JOYA needed to tick several boxes. The first, and most important box to be ticked, was that the JOYA needed to be completely hand carved.


Beginning life as seasoned pieces of 35mm spruce and maple, our skilled Artisans carve the JOYA soundboards with an emphasis on creating its substantial arches. The practiced skills needed to create these arches are only achievable with an experienced eye, touch and ear. This skill, learned over many years, is something that no amount of CNC programming can ever achieve with machine carved archtops. Simply put, quality tonewoods and substantial hand carved arches equals an enhanced and dynamic tone.


The second most important box to tick was nitrocellulose lacquer finishing. Having applied the skills to achieve the JOYA’s hand carved soundboards, it would seem almost sacrilegious to then apply a coat of polyester lacquer. The use of nitrocellulose lacquer was imperative thus enabling us the opportunity to maintain the dynamics offered by this wonderful hand carved instrument.


The third box ticked was the exceptional quality of the components to be used. This guitar, is destined to travel the globe, and be played by a world class player performing over 100 shows in a year. Gotoh SGS510Z tuners, Kent Armstrong floating humbucker, CTS pots, Switchcraft output jack, all wired together in robust steel braided and vintage cloth cabling, provide increased performance and reliability, and are all absolutely necessary on a tradesman’s tool.


Finally, the fourth box ticked was the quality of the JOYA’s peripheral appointments. Using ebony, African black wood and birds eye maple, the JOYA'S tailpiece, bridge, finger-rest and pickup cover are hand profiled to fit each guitar perfectly, the attention to detail on the JOYA oozes quality and class.

So in summary, two years to develop, from concept to delivery, it has been Fibonacci's distinct privilege to work with Martin on the JOYA. We are thrilled to have collaborated with him and further, to have achieved our goal in creating a wonderful, fresh looking, contemporary, archtop guitar that ticks all the boxes that we could possibly ask it to do.

Welcome to the MARTIN TAYLOR JOYA!

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