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THE SWANAGE JAZZ FESTIVAL HAS BEEN SAVED! You may remember in our October Newsletter last year, we did a feature on saving the Swanage Jazz Festival. Just in case you missed it, the Swanage Jazz Festival has played host to hundreds of musicians annually, since 1990. However, in 2017, it became apparent that the festival had come as far as it could within the constraints of the VAT limit. The consequences of the situation were that the festival was looking at the closing of its doors once and for all. The organisers had the monumental task of raising £15k within 30 days, thereby ensuring the funds were in place for the festival to occur in 2018. NIGEL PRICE - A MAN ON A MISSION Fortunately, the new Festival Director, a man with a career spanning more than 25 years, who is widely acknowledged as one of the hardest working musicians in the business, award winning, jazz guitarist Nigel Price, took it upon himself to campaign vigorously, and raised the necessary funds within the time period provided. Nigel smashed the deadline by raising a total of £21,900.00, more than enough to secure the event for another year. He ran campaigns on Kickstarter, Social Media, hard copy, trade press, traditional postal mail-shots, raffles, which all culminated in a sold out gig showcasing some of the finest jazz talent on the planet. OUR SMALL CONTRIBUTION We at Fibonacci, are very proud to have been involved in helping to raise some of the funds toward saving the festival. With the raffling off of one of our early prototypes, we were thrilled to raise and contribute the amount of £2,700.00 toward the event. SWANAGE JAZZ FESTIVAL 13th – 15th JULY 2018 LINE-UP Nigel at the helm, and the funding in place, the three day, July 2018 Swanage Jazz Festival will be one of the biggest and most enjoyable. Those three days in July promise to feature some of the finest Jazz acts around. What will no doubt be a very successful event should be a stark reminder just how important the festival is, and just how easily it could have been lost forever. Below is a list of acts that will be performing:

FRIDAY 13th JULY 2018 Steam Train Dance at 2pm with Dave Brennan's Jubilee Jazz Band, Alan Barnes Octet, Tony Jacobs' Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra with guest Catherine Sykes, Bateman Brothers Jazz Band - 'Tribute to Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars', Tony Kofi’s ‘Portrait of Cannonball’.

SATURDAY 14th JULY 2018 ‘Echoes Of Ellington’ 18 piece jazz orchestra feat. Claire Martin OBE, Scott Hamilton and Champian Fulton, Ian Bateman and Simon Spillett with the Craig Milverton Trio 'Coppin' The Bop' - A tribute to J.J.Johnson and Frank Rosolino, Phronesis, Brass Volcanoes, Clark Tracey Quintet, Simon Spillett Quartet, Pete Oxley/Nic Meier Quartet. ‘Learn to Lindy Hop’ with Kai’s Cats, Greg Abate, Martin Litton's Red Hot Peppers, The Magnificent 7, John Hallam/Amy Roberts Quintet, The Dixie Strollers, John Maddocks, Byron Wallen's 'Four Corners, Gary Willcox Quartet, Georgia Mancio's 'Salud! Tom Jobim', Johnny Hepbir Trio, Dart Valley Stompers, John Hallam/Amy Roberts Quintet, Graham Smith's Allsorts Quintet feat. John Hallam and Alan Barnes, Alison Rayner Quintet ARQ, Mark Crooks/Colin Oxley Quartet.

SUNDAY 15th JULY 2018

Pete Long's 'Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall' show, Keith Nichols' Blue Devils, Jazz Jamaica, Fletch’s Brew, Jazz At The Philharmonic, Andrew McCormack/Jason Yarde Duo, ‘Spats’ Langham, Vitality Five, Sara Dowling Quartet. Paulus Shafer trio, Old Hat Jazz Band, Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra, Julian Phillips, Dave Moorwood's 'Rascals of Rhythm Jazz Band', Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra, Dave Brennan's Jubilee Jazz Band, Anthony Kerr Quartet, Sarah Bolter.

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