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Here we have the Chiquita, a contemporary styled archtop and compact beauty at only 13" x 76 mm, it simply oozes cool, jazz appeal, and has proved to be our most popular selling archtop over the last 12 months.

The Chiquita is completely hand carved using a 35mm, AAA solid select American spruce sound-board, and has solid flame maple back & sides. Despite being only 13” at the lower bout, the Chiquita has plenty of volume acoustically. This is achieved as a result of its substantially arched top and back, which are hand carved all the way into the cut-away. These arches allow the Chiquita to achieve its dynamic tones which are comparable to much larger bodied archtops. The beautifully arched body is completed using a 625mm scaled, 22 frets, flame maple neck, with fingerboard, finger-rest, floating bridge & tailpiece, all in solid Indian ebony. The Chiquita is fitted with a black floating, Kent Armstrong ‘Slimbucker’ humbucker, which complements this little archtop’s warm, crisp acoustic tones perfectly. Available standard in blonde, or antique honey, with solid maple binding and black or gold Gotoh SGS510Z tuners. All of which perfectly enhance the Chiquita’s, cool, distinctive, contemporary vibe.


We do not undertake large volume production runs, as all of our guitars are genuinely hand made, with peripheral parts hand profiled to fit each individual guitar perfectly. We keep a very small quantity of stock, finished in our standard colours, on hand and ready for dispatch. This gives us the flexibility to experiment with limited edition, custom colours and offer finishing and hardware options to our customers' specifications, should someone desire something different.

Currently, our product range consists of lower bout body sizes of 13”, 14”, 15” and 16” in a variety of depths, some of which have a distinct contemporary vibe. These compact designs are aimed at the aspiring player who may be more familiar with playing a smaller, solid bodied guitar, but now finds him or herself venturing into the world of jazz archtops. Alternatively, it offers an option for the traditional jazz player who may find handling a larger archtop a cumbersome task.

We are very fortunate to have some great people involved at Fibonacci. We are here to create elegant, quality instruments at a reasonable price, and are thoroughly enjoying the experience along the way. Either way, contemporary or traditional styling, standard or custom finishing, being a small, boutique guitar company, producing relatively limited quantities of archtops of distinctive quality in a year, it is critically important for us to ensure that our products are, without exception, of the highest standard.


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