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The Nigel Price Organ Trio, winners of the 2017 ‘Best Small Group’ in the 2017 British Jazz Awards have long been torch bearers for the live jazz touring circuit here in the UK. They have undoubtedly set the bar high when it comes to the challenge of keeping the touring routes alive, blazing an optimistic trail and leaving the path clear for others to do the same. This is their eighth national tour. Without preserving the ability for artists to tour, to have the infrastructure in which to share art, music and culture we would all be consigned to a life less enriched. It is literally impossible to tour without funding. That’s just the way it is here. The cost of accommodation and fuel alone makes sure of that. We have systems for this but since the demise of Jazz Services it is much harder, and applications for support have to be made direct to the Arts Council. This is highly competitive. Nigel’s bid for Arts Council funding for the 2018 tour was unsuccessful. He’s had to make a smaller resubmission but that’s meant having to leave these sixteen September dates off. Getting these dates in the diary in the first place is nothing short of grueling, so to kiss them goodbye would be gutting. This is the most far reaching section of the wider tour and it would be such a shame not to be able to reach the jazz fans in Scotland, Cornwall and many places in between, so in order for him to carry out this good work: educating, supporting, performing and preserving our great tradition of jazz he’s going to need a bit of financial help. There are three really great prizes on offer here as an incentive for your support. A top level prototype arch top jazz guitar built by Fibonacci, a Session jazz amplifier – modified to Nigel’s own specifications and a pair of tickets for the 2019 Swanage Jazz Festival, which will run between July 12th and July 14th. Not bad eh?? The tour costs a total of £5000 for the 16 dates. Any funds over and above this total will be donated to the Swanage Jazz Festival, to help safeguard it’s future in 2019 and beyond.

Thanks in advance for your help, and of course, if any of these dates are within striking distance of you then please drop in and say hello!

The trio will be joined by the amazing tenor saxophonist Vasilis Xenopoulos on all of these dates. SEPTEMBER 2018 Sat 8th THE HIVE, SHREWSBURY Sun 9th HEN AND CHICKEN, BRISTOL Mon 10th TAMWORTH JAZZ CLUB Tue 11th BRECON JAZZ CLUB Wed 12th STRATFORD JAZZ Thu 13th HOT NUMBERS, CAMBRIDGE Fri 14th RONNIE SCOTT’S, LONDON Sat 15th RONNIE SCOTT’S, LONDON Tue 18th FLEET JAZZ CLUB Sat 22nd SHIP THEATRE, SEVENOAKS Tue 25th CINNAMON CLUB, ALTRINCHAM Wed 26th EYEMOUTH HIPPODROME Thu 27th BLUE LAMP, ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND Fri 28th LODGE AT LOCHSIDE, KIRRIEMUIR, SCOTLAND Sat 29th CALLANDER JAZZ & BLUES FESTIVAL , SCOTLAND Sun 30th SCARBOROUGH JAZZ FESTIVAL You can purchase a ticket for £2.00 (maximum is 50 tickets per person), by following the link here: Good luck!

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