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As with any business, we are all out there, online, promoting our products. However, while promoting our products, inadvertently, we are also promoting our business and personal information to potential hackers. This just happened to us...and we are astonished at how simple it was.

1. The perpetrator obtains your mobile number, email address, name, post code, and DOB. Astonishing how easy this information is to find. 2. Posing as you, they then contact your mobile phone service provider and tell them they want to cancel the account so they can move it to another service provider. The only security information they need to obtain the PAC number required to do so, is your name, DOB and postcode. Once they have cleared security, they are given the PAC number verbally. Once they have the PAC number, they can set up an account with another mobile phone service provider using your number. 3. Once they have your mobile number, they can use your email address to log into your Paypal account, by selecting ‘Forgot Password’. A new password is then sent by text to your mobile number, which they now own. 4. They can now have access to your Paypal account by entering your email address and the new password. They now have access to your bank account, and any other cards you have linked to your Paypal account.

As we became aware of what had just happened, like peeling back the layers of an onion, it also became obvious how well organised the hackers had been. Not only had they hijacked our Ebay account, it became apparent they had been able to infiltrate our email account about three weeks prior to the actual Paypal hack. This enabled them to dip in and out, to delete any emails that had come in from Paypal and Ebay, to notify us that our passwords had been changed.

During the saga, we were told that anyone online is vulnerable. In fact, anyone who has not been hacked, is purely for the reason that the hackers have not stumbled on to your account yet. But there are steps you can take that may help to avoid it. If the hackers get bogged down on an account, which proves too difficult to infiltrate, they will simply move on to someone else. You can help avoid being hacked by using a landline number in the public domain, adding extra security questions with your mobile phone service provider, and using several different passwords that are not obvious with your various Paypal, email, Ebay accounts.


We will have some guitars on display, on the 28th October, at the London International Guitar Show, Kempton Park, courtesy of Ivor Mairants and Alnico 5. And despite currently on a lengthy UK tour, NIGEL PRICE has also found time to make an appearance, showing off the new, but yet to be released, Fibonacci Londoner, as will CYIO BROWN, with his dual pickup Chiquita CB10. You can find more information on the show and how to buy tickets at


And on the subject of guitar shows, Courtesy of JAZZISTEN in Denmark, thanks to everyone who came to see us at the Copenhagen Guitar show, 6 – 7 October. A BIG thanks to MARTIN TAYLOR also, for his performance there, and for taking the time to show the Joya model. More information on Martin’s Joya at:

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