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We are thrilled to announce our latest release...The Londoner, a Nigel Price Signature guitar. THE STORY SO FAR....

Our initial introduction to award winning jazz guitarist, Nigel Price, came through Martin Taylor. In our subsequent conversations with Nigel, it was determined that we were missing something in our range of guitars. Nigel was after a 17”, thinline with 637mm scaling, and floating AVRII that time we didn’t make a guitar to this specification. Our focus had been on smaller body archtops. So, working with Nigel to develop a guitar that we did not yet offer, was an ideal collaboration. It just so happened that Nigel lives in Epsom, a 10 minute drive away from our workshop in Worcester Park, SW London. So, in a relatively short period of time, we finalised the specifications for the guitar, confirmed the overall design, and built a prototype - a carved flame maple top, finished in bister nitro. The result is stunning. THE PICKUP OPTIONS

We needed to give this beautiful guitar a pickup that could recall the sounds of the guts and soul of the 60’s jazz era. So, following on from exhaustive pickup comparisons between many established classics, it was decided that a new pickup needed to be created....a floating humbucker containing alnico four and five magnets, with the wound strings coil tapped to allow the clarity to remain in the low end when rolling off treble at the top. This would give the all round richness of tone that Nigel had been searching for.

The new pickup’s casing needed to accommodate the required turns of wire. Therefore, fulfilling the requirements, of the design, the result is a larger than normal size floating humbucker. Thus, being big on sound and size, we aptly named it the ‘Big Ben’!

ALL IN THE NAME for a name for the guitar. Well, since Nigel was born and bred a Londoner, and given we are based in London, and given that London is renowned as the ‘beating heart’ of the Jazz World, the name ‘Londoner’ seemed appropriate. After much deliberation, and with the input from many of Nigel’s Facebook friends, the name stuck. So...there you have it, The Londoner, a Nigel Price signature, fitted with a floating ‘Big Ben’, was born!


Body Style Arched back and top, Single Cut-away - Body Width at Lower Bout: 425mm - Body Length: 510mm - Body Depth: 56mm - Top Wood: Hand Carved Flame Maple - Back & Sides: 3-ply Laminated Maple - Binding: Solid Flame Maple - Nut: Bone - Neck Profile: 44.5mm at Nut, 59mm at End Fret - Neck Construction: Maple - Finger Board: Ebony - Neck Scaling- 637mm - Frets: 22 - Bridge: Ebony Floating AVRII - Finger Rest: Ebony Floating - Tailpiece: Gold Effect Floating - Tuners: Gotoh SGS305Z - Pickups: Floating ‘Big Ben’ by Jon Dickinson - Pots: Tone/ Volume Premium CTS 500K Audio Sweep – Switch: on/off/on Switchraft - Output Jack: Switchcraft - Finish: Bister Sunburst Nitrocellulose - Strings: Thomastik Infield 13 Flatwounds - Case: Hiscox Insulated Flight Case.

The Nigel Price Londoner, will be available to pre-order from April 2019. More information and audio files, can be found at:

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