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JULY 2019 NEWSLETTER ENJOY OUR NEW VIDEO CHANNEL We are pleased to let you know that we now have the video page on our web site up and running. This has been a timely exercise, involving the gathering of a lot of footage taken over the last few years. And, there are many more hours to be spent adding more footage. We have included some snippets of work in progress, on the guitars, to full performances by some of the finest players on the planet. NIGEL PRICE AND THE LONDONER We are very pleased to be doing a series of videos with Nigel Price. On the first series, Nigel can be seen playing on our new Fibonacci Londoner model. The Londoner is a 17”, thinline with 637mm scaling, floating AVRII bridge, and a floating humbucker containing alnico four and five magnets, with the wound strings coil tapped to allow the clarity to remain in the low end when rolling off treble at the top. This gives the all round richness of tone that Nigel had been searching for. And, on these videos, we used nothing other than an I-Phone 8, Rode mic, and Filmic Pro app to record them. Nigel is playing through a Mambo amp. We really like the way the acoustics of the guitar are sitting nicely on top of the warmth of the amp. FOR THE CHET ATKINS FAN We have also done a series of videos with some wonderful playing by Tony Fucile. Tony is a huge Chet Atkins fan, and has been able to showcase another dimension of the Roma and Chiquita models that he performed on for these videos. He clearly shows that our guitars can be used for something other than jazz! Once again, these videos were created using nothing other than an I Phone 8, Rode mic, and Filmic Pro app. But in this instance, we did not use any amplification....what you hear are the genuine acoustics of the guitar being played in our demo room. The ‘woodiness’ of the guitars comes across really well. My how technology has moved forward! OUR DEMO ROOM Our demo room has worked out great for our video recordings. The acoustics are dynamic, and with careful mic position, the audio isn’t too ‘bouncy’. In fact, we filmed several interviews with Martin Taylor as host for his Patreon membership web site in recent months. These interviews will be uploaded on to our web site in the near future. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to come and try one of our fine archtops in our demo room. Feel free to bring your smartphone, to record with, too. Just drop us an email or give us a call to book an appointment. You can find our video page by clicking here: More vids coming soon. Enjoy!

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