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Alessio Menconi/Nigel Price Quartet ‘Live at Peggy’s Skylight

is scheduled for release on February 17th in the shops/Amazon etc, but is being made available via Nigel Price's website and Bandcamp today.

Alessio Menconi is one of the most impressive jazz guitarists you will ever hear. In March of 2022 the multi award winning maestro, and ex side man for Billy Cobham, Paolo Conte and Jimmy Cobb, played a short tour of the UK with fellow guitarist and kindred spirit, award winning jazz guitarist Nigel Price, ably supported by the incredible young drummer, Joel Barford, and the up and coming double bassist Louis Stringer.

The band rip through a set of well chosen standards with startling energy and virtuosity. The two guitarists’ styles slot together perfectly and they spur each other on to greater heights. It really was a night to remember!

Roaring gigs like this go mostly undocumented but this amazing new venue in Nottingham UK, have a permanent in-house recording setup, and this time managed to capture an absolutely BURNING gig!

Alessio Menconi - Guitar Nigel Price - Guitar Joel Barford - Drums Louis Stringer - Double Bass Recor4ded by Joss Francis at Peggy's Skylight, Nottingham in Marc h 2022. Mixed by Nigel Price Mastered by Chris Lewis. Released February 2, 2023

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