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NIGEL PRICE ORGAN TRIO GOING ON TOUR! Over a career spanning more than 25 years, award winning jazz guitarist Nigel Price has become widely acknowledged as one of the hardest working musicians in the business. And with that in mind, it does seem wholly appropriate that it would be him to kick off the first comprehensive live UK tour since Covid-19 plunged most of the world into pandemic lockdown. And as any agent, promoter, artist, manager, venue (forgive me if I have missed anyone out here), will tell you, booking, promoting and managing any tour can be a very trying and stressful experience for everyone involved. Compound all that in the midst of a pandemic, with ambiguous information coming out of No10 on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, and you may begin to grapple with how much of an achievement putting this tour together has been. But we will let Nigel explain in his own words.... “Right then. There’s been a lot of talk and confusion about what’s possible right now, what the future holds and indeed what the reality of the live jazz scene is with socially distanced gigs. This is the reality..... I don’t know if I’m brave, stupid, clever, lucky or what. All I know is that I sweated blood to get a huge tour together and I refused to let it go. Over lockdown I watched, broken hearted as the 60 dates I’d worked so hard to organise gradually pulled out, one by one. However, I was amazed to find that that many venues, like me, we’re watching and waiting, eager to get going as soon as the law would allow. The day the Arts Council reopened in July I was ready with a bid and I’m pleased to say that it was successful. Massive thanks to them. I completely understand, respect and empathise with anybody, promoters and musicians alike, who feel it’s too early to open up. However, there are just as many that are prepared to get moving, despite everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those promoters who put up with my tenacity and sorry to those that I had to let down. We are DONE watching. We are DONE waiting. We are GOING ON TOUR!” “However, revenues are currently decimated due to reduced ‘socially distant’ audiences and without help, our upcoming tour will stall sometime in November. If I can raise the equivalent of what Christian Bale makes in just one hour then we’ll be able to complete our tour and send a message of hope throughout the UK jazz scene. I think it’s important for the whole music scene that we keep this particular train on the rails as I KNOW that many are holding it up as an example to strengthen the argument for OPENING UP AGAIN!” EVERYONE A WINNER RAFFLE So we got our heads together with Nigel to come up with a plan to try and raise the funds required to complete the latter part of the tour. In recent years, we produced a few prototype Americano archtops that have never been formally released. So we thought it would be a good idea to offer one of these up for a raffle to help raise the funds. Nigel added in a couple of his own amps, a Mesa Boogie and a Fender Blues Junior. But in addition to these three great prizes, ALL entrants get 3 free album downloads and it’s a tenner a go. We reckon that’s a pretty darn good offer! You can watch Nigel explain in further detail and get a look at the prizes here: You can enter the raffle here: Thanks for your support. Good Luck! Buy music here via Bandcamp: Youtube: Streaming ‘Smartlink’: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Loads of footage, audio, images, tuition videos and a library of album reviews here at my Patreon site:

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