Gravy Train with Nigel Price on guitar - 100% live at Masterlink Productions

#MasterlinkSessions#NigelPrice#RedtenbachersFunkestra#MasterlinkProductions Redtenbacher's Funkestra presents 'The Masterlink Sessions' featuring Nigel Price (guitar) performing his groove Jazz tune 'Gravy Train' - 100% live and electrifying in the studio. Originally recorded on Nigel's 'Heads & Tales' album on Woodville Records. https://nigethejazzer.bandcamp.com/tr... Nigel plays his Fibonacci 'Londoner' Nigel Price signature model. Dedicated to all the corrupt politicians around the globe of which there aren't any of course. So dedicated to all of you who are watching this instead. 'The Masterlink Sessions' are a joint venture of James Welch (Masterlink Productions and Stefan Redtenbacher (Redtenbacher's Funkestra) to strengthen the UK Blues, Soul, Funk and Jazz community by inviting artists to record 100% live in the studio videos. Find out more and support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/themasterlink... Visit RSB Records on the artist friendly Bandcamp: →https://rsbrecords.bandcamp.com CREDITS Nigel Price - guitar https://www.nigelprice.biz/ Vasilis Xenopoulos - saxophone (tenor) https://vasilisxenopoulos.com/ Stefan Redtenbacher - bass, bandleader Tony Remy - guitar https://www.facebook.com/bagawire.miller Mike Sturgis - drums https://mikesturgis.co.uk/ Karl Vanden Bossche - percussion https://www.karlvandenbossche.com/ Joe Glossop - Hammond organ https://www.joeglossop.com/ James Welch - audio Leo Mansell - video Recorded live at https://www.masterlinkproductions.co.uk/ Performed by https://www.redtenbachersfunkestra.com/ Arranged and produced by Nigel Price and Stefan Redtenbacher 'Gravy Train' written by Nigel Price Originally published by Paul Rodriguez Music, now Peermusic.

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