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"It's finally here!

After three years of prototyping and testing I'm delighted to announce that you can now order your own Martin Taylor 'Lola' guitar HERE >>.

This is the deal - since 2019 I've been working with a small group of master craftsmen in England... and we've developed a versatile archtop guitar which feels good to play, sounds great and looks absolutely stunning. From it's beautiful hand-carved solid spruce top to its mahogany neck, back and sides, you can see from this video the quality craftsmanship and love we've put into designing this guitar.

However I have to warn you about one big "catch"...

A lot of guitarists expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a hand-crafted archtop guitar like this... however I've made the pricing for the Lola ridiculously low. In fact, I'm worried that it's too low.

You see... I've designed a very high-end guitar, but the pricing might lead you to believe that it's some entry-level, factory-made, mass-produced archtop.

Don't make that mistake... this is an incedible instrument, and you're going to love all the bonuses we're adding. And I can tell you that we've had guitarists from 60 countries who have already expressed interest in owning one.

OK... now that we have that "catch" out of the way, here's the link to the crazy "owners club" special offer: "

best regards, Martin


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