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Guitar Village and Ivor Mairants become first two dealers to stock Fibonacci Guitars

Fibonacci Guitars has revealed that Surrey’s Guitar Village and London’s Ivor Mairants are the first two dealers in the world to stock its range of guitars.

“Given that Fibonacci Guitars are hand crafted instruments, finished to a very high standard, it somehow seemed appropriate that Guitar Village in Farnham, Surrey, UK, would be the first dealer in the world to stock our guitars,” said Fibonacci Guitars. “Fibonacci guitars are unique, each guitar standing as one of a kind. Likewise, Guitar Village, is a very unique dealer, offering a plethora of well over 1,200 guitars, spread through its 15 demo rooms, all housed in a wonderful 15th century period building on Farnham High St. “Without doubt, Guitar Village is one of the finest guitar stores on the planet, it contains a special kind of ‘homey ambiance’ making the guitarist feel comfortable, and ultimately encouraging a more relaxed, no pressure, guitar demo. And while online sales are growing year by year, who could not enjoy indulging in a road trip just to be surrounded with some truly unique guitars in a Grade II listed building? Having played host to many high profile players coming through their door over the years, Guitar Village’s approach certainly seems to be working.” Ivor Mairants in central London is the second dealer in the world to stock Fibonacci’s range. “This is a real privilege for us as they are certainly considered to be one of the finest specialist Jazz Dealers on the planet, and can boast a long history,” said the guitar maker.

Ivor Mairants, one of the world's most seminally influential guitarists, opened his now world-famous music centre in 1958, when his career as a guitarist, musician, teacher, author and composer was at its peak. Ivor Mairants Musicentre has gone on to be as famous as its creator, offering an outstanding selection of some of the most interesting and highest quality instruments. “It goes without saying that our reputation means everything to us. Essentially our goal is for you to fully enjoy the whole Fibonacci Guitar experience. Enjoyment which not only includes the quality, performance and exclusiveness of the instrument you are buying, but also the excellence of the customer service you will receive from the finest dealers only authorised to sell our archtops,” said Fibonacci Guitars. MI Pro recently caught up with Fibonacci to find out more about its range of guitars and its unique business model.

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